Your desire push you to help this satyric adventure ?
Well, it’s possible to support this action by advising us for this or that.

Looking for locations
We are looking for spaces where we can concrete our photo project.
Have a look on the drawings, and tell us if you know a place where it’s possible to shoot.
Of course, we are looking for places where we can appear as Satyre.
- a bed’s shop
- a bus shelter
- a window shop
or other strange places you know.

Looking for exhibition place
As this project is flying between eros and strangeness and daily life,
we are looking for the right place, gallery or other place, where it’s possible to organize exhibitions.

Looking for critical advice
We are doing this project through our own instinct.
Perhaps you know writers, thinkers, philosophers or your opinion
who also work on this theme.
Let us know.
We are looking for critical text to support our vision.

Looking for finance
in exchange a nice print of a pic of your choice


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